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SVG Draw Widget is Under Your Full Control Developed Exclusively for Elementor

Adjust Premium SVG Draw the FREE Elementor widget the way you want! You’ll have full control to make it work as you need in a way that matches your website spirit. Download Premium Addons for Elementor.

Start & End Points

Use this option to control the starting or ending point of your drawn SVG element. The ending point works when the Reverse Animation option is active.

Reverse Animation

The Reverse Animation option will make your SVG drawn element start working from its last/ending point which means that it will work backward.

Drawing Speed

Adjust your SVG element’s drawing speed. Increasing or decreasing the speed value means it will work faster or slower. The default value is “5”.

Loop & Yoyo Effect

Make your drawn element works continuously using the Loop option, and use the Yoyo Effect to make it restart drawing from the ending point.

Draw All Paths Together

If your SVG element has more than one path/shape, you can make them all start drawing together by enabling the “Draw All Paths Together” option.

Redraw When Scroll Up

Enabling this option will give you the ability to make your SVG element start to be drawing again after scrolling up your Elementor page.

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